Monday, February 27, 2012

Pumpkin Soap Recipes

The soap of the week is pumpkin! :-)

I have had a request for some pumpkin soap and so I am trying out a few different recipes. The benefits of pumpkin are enormous and I have been told that people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis find relief when using it.

First recipe is from Soap Queen    This is a peek of it covered and in the mold ;-)

Not sure how the pumpkin puree is going to hold up but I trust the Soap Queen so I am experimenting with it... Didn't have the Copper Sparkle Mica so used Bronze Mica and a bit of Gold Mica and it was rather dark so I added some Titanium Dioxide to it and that lightened it a bit.

Used the Funnel Pour technique and swirled it too.... Looking forward to opening that loaf up that's for sure.

Left it unscented as this soap is being made for very sensitive skin and I do not want to add any possible skin irritants to it.

Second recipe is my own :-)  The color is not quite pumpkin but it has the pumpkin spice smell.

Pumpkin Soap Recipe (Cold Process)

12 oz Olive Oil
12 oz Coconut Oil
10 oz Palm Oil
6   oz Avocado Oil
4   oz Castor Oil
4   oz Rapeseed Oil
4   oz Pumpkin Seed Oil

When I put this thru the lye calculator, it gave me the amount of lye and water to use. I suggest you do the same... or you can contact me and I will help you out with it :-)

*** The great thing about the lye calculator is when you put your oil measurements in it gives you a whole list of qualities that your recipe will have. There is a suggested range, so if the recipe you put in there has a good range on all the qualities that make a great handmade soap then you will have the added comfort in knowing that you made a good soap.

The third recipe I will make a variation of the 2 (because both had excellent conditioning, cleansing and creamy qualities).... but in this batch I will add Pumpkin Seed Butter as well as Almond Oil because those are two more wonderfully conditioning and soothing ingredients.

Pumpkin Soap Test Recipe with Pumpkin Butter added in

16 oz Olive Oil
12 oz Coconut Oil
10 oz Palm Oil
6 oz   Pumpkin Seed Oil
4 oz   Almond Oil
4 oz   Castor Oil

4 oz of Pumpkin Seed Butter added at light trace

* to determine lye and water quantities run it thru the lye calculator :-)

I will post more pics later as I am able to.

The Soap Boss

PS.... Any questions or comments? Do you love pumpkin soap? Or have you never heard of it before?

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